RackerGamers Extra Life 2020 Weekend Game-A-Thon

The RackerGamers Extra Life 2020 Celebration Day comes up on us in a mere couple weeks!! The weekend of this Nov. 7th. If you haven’t joined the RackerGamers Extra Life Team. Click on those words yo and dooeet!! ;0 ;~)

Its been a different year to be sure. Things have been far quieter than normal. Everything from planning, the lead up, and the event itself will be different.

While we can’t gather together like we have for the last 11 years! So we’re going to gather, from where we will all respectively be, around the RackerGamers Discord.

Sharing our games, our streams, LFGs, show off our tasty snacks and foods, etc. The whole weekend! Pop in and out. See whats up. Catch up. Lets share, commiserate, and relax in all that will be our wonderful RG Extra Life mayhemery.

Lets “Game on!” For all the kiddos out there. And raise as much and preferably more than we have before. o// <3 =^.^=

– Team RackerGamers

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