Childrens Hospital of San Antonio PPE Plea!

Hello All Ladies and Germs! ..specially you germs! ;0 ;~)

The Childrens Hospital of San Antonio is reaching out to gather that much needed PPE (Personal Protecition Equipment). Whether its teh cash monies. Or the actual blessed equipement itself face masks, face shields, scrubs, feet/shoe covers, hand sanitizers, etc.!!!

Got a couple bux?! Thats fine! Got a couple hundred or more. Thats fine too. Its all equally much and greatly desired and needed. No one person is going to really help. Its going to be all of us together with the 1$, the $100, the $23.36 donations. Or in this case perhaps most importantl an in-kind donations of the above supplies if you got them.

Please see the below link and give anything anyway that you can!

Thank you. o/

– Arthur Wilson
CEO of RackerGamers, Inc.

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