Signed Atari 2600 and PacMan by Atari Founder Giveaway

This give-a-way was cancellled last year due to poor planning/execution on our part and resultant participation. Stay tuned for a much better iteration this year in 2020.

For every $50 donated to our friends’ SA Flavor Extra Life page. You can get one chance to win a signed Atari 2600 and Pacman game. By Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell! And with it comes a mini-plethora of additional classic Atari 2600 games.

Check the below link and make it rain TEH MONIES #ForTheKids! And obtain this rare, if not once in a life time opportunity, to obtain an original Atari 2600 and Pacman signed by the Founder of Atari. Plus several other classic games along with!

When choosing your donation incentive interval. Be sure to include your FirstName LastName, Good Phone and/or Email Address. So we can contact you for a shipping address incase you are the winner!

o/ 😉

Thank you.

We came! We gamed! We recovered! We’ve worked a few weeks! ;~)

Hello Everyone!

This is admittedly a week or so-ish more delayed that I planned. Getting back into the swing of our day jobs post-game-a-thon recovery does that I spose.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to all the new faces. Even more thankfulness to the repeat old faces. And the most mostest of all those who’ve been with us since almost if not the beginning in 2009.

I did not get to “make the rounds” like I have in years’ past. But I did notice each and every one of you. And never once, as we all notch one more year together, am I not deeply and profoundly grateful for your participation and companionship.

I could go on. Most of you KNOW I could. But I want to leave it at that. We did good this year I think all things considered. As always its always ever onward and upward together!

o/ 😉

Arthur Wilson
CEO of RackerGamers, Inc.

p.s. for all those who still have some gas in the tank. Or might find some “fortnite style” or some some. We all have until Dec. 31st to get any more donations and/or fundraising that we can muster.