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“Game On.” #ForTheKids

RackerGamers is a group of individuals that are passionate about gaming. We are formed by people primariily in technical industries et. al. We welcome all work with us to turn our passions for gaming, technology, etc. into activities that make a difference. Giving back to our communities.

Our current and primary efforts center around Extra Life. It is a year round charity. At the beginning of each year everyone has to re-up. We recreate the team accordingly. The fundraising cutoff is usually the end of a given year. While their glorious annual celebration event is not until near the end of each year. Join Now! Take advantage of all the early bird sign up perks that are bestowed to those who do.

Keep watch on our News page for general announcements. And other events happening throughout the year! Check out our Community page. Join our Official Discord, Steam Group, and more!

Thank you.

– Team R.G.


CHoSA Halloween’s Greetings for The Kids!

Hey All! Since there can’t be the usual in-person Halloween Parade at the hospital this year. They are asking people to send them videos wishing the patients, aka Da Kidz!, a “Happy Halloween!” The videos will be combined into one and played through out the closed circuit TVs on Halloween. Any RackerGamers willing/able to participate …

Childrens Hospital of San Antonio PPE Plea!

Hello All Ladies and Germs! ..specially you germs! ;0 ;~) The Childrens Hospital of San Antonio is reaching out to gather that much needed PPE (Personal Protecition Equipment). Whether its teh cash monies. Or the actual blessed equipement itself face masks, face shields, scrubs, feet/shoe covers, hand sanitizers, etc.!!! Got a couple bux?! Thats fine! …