Yearly Archives: 2013

Extra-Life 2103 is loaded!

Greetings! What a turnout!  Board, card, and table top gamers have PLENTY of space available. We are nearing power capacity for the LAN side of things at the @ExtraLife4Kids 2013 @RackerGamers HQ! There is also the dedicated Artemis Starship simulator (3 ships!)   — @IRTermite

New Logo Drafts: 2013-09-14

As stated before, Drew Hicks and I were passing new logo ideas by each other recently.  Some of them were just way too simple yet sick to not put to pixel.  We drew on some paper, and I was up pretty late last night getting the initial architecture together.  Well, I’m still tweaking the look

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New Logo Maybe?

So, Drew Hicks and I were scribbling some images today, and we managed to merge a few ideas together.  I’ve put my variation down to pixel so far, and have posted it to our Facebook page for review.  Hopefully he’ll have a finished draft soon as well to sample.  I’m going to leave it up

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Delta Six Gun Game Controller

Check out this very realistic gun game controller!  Would be pretty cool to have a few of these bad boys at Extra-Life 2013, in front of a giant projector screen!