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Folks, we are a week away from Game Day and we have some exciting updates for you!

Game Day is just seven days away! Have you signed up and started your fundraising yet? If not, please do so today! After all, Extra Life is all about the kids. That said, why should our gathering simply be all games? How about fun and games? That’s right, in true RackerGamers planning spirit, we do more than just host a LAN / Tabletop party for Extra Life. We take it to the next level. More fun, means more participants… means more viewers… means more donations!


So here’s our exciting news! Along with the great gaming community, game tournaments, free-play group games, game developers, vendors, and other activities – we’ve added something new to the mix this year. Joining us live on Game Day will be local musical act VictimCache. VictimCache includes former Racker Tim Soderstrom playing chiptunes with homemade MIDI devices that consist of sound chips from classic game systems, as well as guitar and vocals; John Quarles handles lead vocals, mandolin, and occasionally guitar; and Landon Foster handles hand drums, backing vocals, and brings his goofy sensibility. They certainly have a game sound in their music. Interview with VictimCache will start around 9pm on Saturday, November 7th. For those who can’t join us locally, you can watch our interview and the first part of their set on our live stream. Remember, we will be live streaming the entire 24 hours of Game Day from 8am CT Saturday, November 7th to 8am CT Sunday, November 8th.

Here’s some history about the amazing Tim “Sweetums” Soderstrom: Sweetums was a MySQL DBA for Rackspace back in the Datapoint days here in San Antonio, TX. You couldn’t find a Racker anywhere who didn’t love and respect the crazy guy. His obvious passion for music doesn’t stop at chiptune though. Sweetums is one of the original Rackers who created and kicked off the internal radio station for Rackers: K-RACK. The station is still running today, engineered by this author! Basically, Sweetums has left his fingerprints all over a lot of things at Rackspace, and we love him for it. Oh, and he contributed to the Holland Backup Project, too. Isn’t he so, ‘Sweet’-ums?

The extra good news is, WE’RE OPEN! That’s right… this year we will be opening tickets for the general public to attend. Space is limited, and seats are going fast. Please take careful note of the ticket types and descriptions. We are always limited on power, and those with PC/Consoles will have to buy an addon ticket on top of their General Admission. Without this Digital Add-on ticket, you may enter, but you will not have a power outlet to plug your system in reserved for you. Go to our Events Page for more details and to purchase your tickets today. Please remember, this is a fundraiser, so make sure you sign up on (join Team Rackspace if you are one of us) and get those donation requests out to your friends, family, and others. It’s all #ForTheKids!


See you next weekend!

Dale “IRTermite” Bracey



Yeah, I know, there are too many letters in the K-RACK station name. At least it’s using the correct geographic “K”. I’m told K-RAC or K-RAK just didn’t look and feel as cool. Before you suggest “K-RAX”… this was created well before the IPO was even discussed, and you should probably read the Social Media Guidelines Rackspace has open-sourced on GitHub.

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