RG Logo Revamp – 2012

We decided to give the RackerGamers logo a big of a face-lift. The idea is to get away from the old, and very console-centric looking logo.  We’d like to develop something that is more universal to all gaming, and recognized as the face of RackerGamers.

Version 4 really isn’t a big change, but the little guy has lost some weight, and he’s chilling with some friends.  So, give him some kind words of encouragement at least!  More will follow as I get my brain to workin’.

— IRTermite “Dale Bracey”


Version 2:
Look, don’t ask questions.  I have no idea what this one was about, but I liked the shape.  The inspiration came from a few odd-shaped gaming company logos.

Version 3:
One for the road…

Version 4:
‘A’ is for RackerGamers!

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