Players to Live Stream 2011

Live Video Broadcasters:

To best facilitate broadcastabilty during the event bring or acquire the adapter to convert your video cards output, e.g. VGA/HDMI/DVI, to “Component” out.  You most likely got one with your computer/video card when you bought it.  Like most of us it was stored away with the video card box or worse thrown away.  ;(  Also, make sure the video card software console supports outputting to Component. The perfected resolution of your component output needs to be 1080i   (not 720p or 1080p).   Many ATI and Nvidia video cards support this resolution over component.  For reference here is what a Component adapter cable looks like for Nvidia and ATI cards.   If your “S-video” connection on your video card has 7 are good to go for HD broadcasting without an expensive converter box!


Live Screen Captures:

Install the iVGA Client Keep in mind that the iVGA clients cannot be used for gameplay (since the framerate is slower than video and there is no sound via the client). These can only be used to show static or animations with no sound from computers. Windows – Linkage to come Linux – No Linux Client ;( MAC – Linkage to come

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