Tournament Ladders 2011

Please create an account on the RSEL Forums, these accounts will be used/required to participate in the gaming ladders. This is still under development right now so you will have to be patient while we get it setup. In the mean time, creating an account will give us the data we need in order to

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Players to Live Stream 2011

Live Video Broadcasters: To best facilitate broadcastabilty during the event bring or acquire the adapter to convert your video cards output, e.g. VGA/HDMI/DVI, to “Component” out.  You most likely got one with your computer/video card when you bought it.  Like most of us it was stored away with the video card box or worse thrown

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Equipment List – BYOC 2011

Please only bring 1 Display (Preferably 24″ or less) and a Set of Headphones en lieu of speakers.  There’s going to be a finite number of places to setup.  Ensuring a single display per gamer as well as headphones will maximize the number of Extra Life Warriors we can fit and respectfully keep the unnecessary

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Registration 2011

Registration begins 06:00 on October 15th. When arriving do not bring your gear yet so that you are not waiting in the sign-in/registration line holding it.  ;0 ;~)  The Security Sign-In/Registration Desk will be inside the side entrance just to the right of the main Castle entrance.  Friends & Family of Rackers will first need

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Two more days!

So, it’s Thursday, October 13, 2011, two days before Extra-Life 2011, and we are still in final stages of the planning.  Wow!  This year went by fast.  Almost everything is in place, and we are prepped for setup tomorrow night.  Can’t wait for Saturday.  This is going to rawk I see we have 47 people

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Ah, the troubles of building a new site and deciding on which addons to use…  I started testing social media plugins, and have pretty much found the ones I’d like to use.  Now I’m stuck with a tiny problem, redundancy.  There are now two ‘Like’ buttons on post comments, and I can’t figure out where

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Live Streams

The day of the event, we will be streaming live to the following sites simultaneously. You can also hit us on Skype @ ExtralifeSA to say hi, give props, or add donations during the event.   USTREAM:   JUSTIN.TV:   STICKAM:   BlogTV:

Forum Updated

Team Rackspace, Some changes are still being made to our forums, so keep checking back for all the goodness.  Today we add the “Events” category and “Extra-Life 2011” for tracking what’s going on.  Hop on, register, and give a shout or two. –IRTermite

RSEL 2011 Be a hero flyer

Previously, we had the images in this post but I felt it would be cleaner and take less load time on slower systems to just post the links for people to click.  Yea, I know, it’s trivial…