International Tabletop Gaming Day 2013

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In celebration with, RackerGamers is throwing down on Saturday March 30  with a big event here at the Castle – INTERNATIONAL TABLETOP GAMING DAY. While Racker Gamers has always been hip to the LAN, us tabletop boys and girls have never really had a day of our own. Well, now we do! Check out the details here:

Okay, if that’s all sounding awesome, here come see more details:

1. This looks rad. When is this happening? 

 I done told you, Saturday March 30 – 10am-7pm give or take. It’s come and go as you like, don’t feel like you have to come all day unless your just that cool. Some of us will be here earlier and later than that if you feel like grabbing coffee or a beer, respectively.

2. I’m really only into _________ game. Is that alright? 

 Yup, that’s the whole point! Everyone brings whatever game / system they want to play as well as any that they are cool sharing. I’ll be running a few tabletop RPGs, probably getting down on some board gaming and if someone is willing to teach me, maybe a new war game or two (my gauss rifle noises are excellent). You are strongly encouraged to bring war games, card games, roleplaying games, board games, and anything else you want! Feel free to jump into any cool games you see going on, too. This is a chance to play games, but also teach them to each other and spread the hobby to anyone interested in learning more.

3. I want to bring my special friend / spouse / kiddos / friends / Felicia Day

 In true Racker fashion, friends and family are always welcome. The part of the castle we’re hosting in is outside security, so there’s no need to get a badge or jump through hoops to get people on site. Also, gods bless you if you bring Felicia Day. Oh, and if you have a regular gaming / hobby group, let them know they are welcome, too.

4. Food and Drink? Goodies? 

 At this point, we’re not totally sure – obviously if you have a badge, the usual fueling station will be available. We’re working really hard to get some food and drinks and stuff but at this point, it’s spotty so prepare accordingly.

5. I want to help make this happen. How can I get involved beyond just showing up? 

 Good! In fact: AWESOME TO THE MAX. Email me!

6. Do you remember that Dead Ale Wives skit about Dungeons and Dragons?

 hahaha, do I !

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