Friday Night Magic – 3 pack booster draft (SAT)

From Member – Greg Hamberg,


Friday Night Magic – 3 pack booster draft (San Antonio)

What: 3 pack sealed draft tournament

Where: Heroes and Fantasies near Evers Rd (Heroes and Fantasies, 4923 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78229)
When: Friday, July 17th at 7:00PM
Why?: I agree the Pat Booker location is closer but they have a Standard Type II tournament for FNM and the sealed tournaments are better for new/casual players.
What to bring: A few bucks for food.  They usually provide a few pieces of pizza included in the price but it’s not every time.  I also recommend bringing card sleeves and some dice.
Q: What is a sealed draft tournament?
Q: Does H&F have a website?
Q: Can you give me a ride?
A: Probably, I have space for 3 in my car.  If you can drive others or if you need a ride, reply and let me know and we’ll figure it out.
Q: I was looking at the schedule and the Thursday night draft works better for me.
A: I could probably accommodate the change to the Pat Booker Thursday Night draft tournament but not this week.  Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll see if enough are interested.
Q: What is Magic the Gathering?
A: It’s a collectible card game (CCG) created by Wizards of the Coast.  Check out this link for more info:
Q: I have more questions, where do you sit?
A: If you want to reach out to me, I sit above the Big Ass Fan.  Go up the stairs and take a left, I’m in the corner slightly under the Washington Capitals flag. 

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