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Something new is brewing behind the scenes at RackerGamers.

About two years ago, a few of us got together to discuss the idea of developing a game or gaming tools, instead of playing games for 24-hours.  We waited too late in the year to discuss it, and planning for gameday and hosting the official broadcast for Extra Life proper was of priority.

Last year, we were a bit further ahead of the game (pun intended) and set up a space in Rackspace Factory to host the Developers wishing to participate.  However, we poorly advertised it, and didn’t set aside a dedicated team to organize it.  Notable: Last year was also when I coined the name “Extra Life:Source.”  Just a happy little play on the engine that helped to change the way games are made today! (Valve’s Source).  During Extra Life 2014 Gameday, I BRIEFLY mentioned this idea to Doc, but decided we would talk more later.  (I still haven’t fully run this by him, but we are doing it un-officially anyway.  😉

Actually, the idea started to brew during a hack-a-thon member Fozz and I attended at Rackspace.  We wanted to create an open-sourced central hub to track, communicate, and join our friends’ games, without having to bounce around from interface to interface and boot up our various systems.  The idea was simple, and the APIs were available.  Thus, GameSocial was born, and is slowly being developed today.  The unofficial name is GameSocial, and we have learned it may need to be changed, but for now we march on with it as so.

This year, I was approached by a co-worker with an idea, “what do you think about me making a game for 24-hour this year, instead?  My response, “funny you should mention that…”  After pointing him to Fozz, who originally worked on this with me,  we started a Slack Group to get the ball rolling.  Currently, there are a small handful of Rackers and Friends poised to start building and developing Games, Apps, and Services to benefit the Gamer and Hospital Communities.

The idea is simple, “how can we get more people involved in raising funds to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals everywhere?”  The answer is simple; add more ways to attract them.  Safe to say, Developers are probably gamers, but not all may want to game for 24-hours.  What if we entice them to do a little more with their skills in that 24-hours?  Enter Extra-Life:Source.  This is the “official” proposal trial run to Extra-Life.  (Maybe others will join us, it become popular, and we make it a thing.)

Rules:  They are pretty lose fitting.  Sign up for Extra Life, by going to http://www.extra-life.org/ and clicking Join.  Next, start thinking of what you want to create.  Will it be a game for all to play?  Will it be a tool for gamers to use?  How about the non-profit hospitals?  They have some budgets they need to work with, and certainly should have need for tools and data-entry stuff.  How about making them an open-source project that will solve their problems?  (Talk to a local Children’s Hospital and ask them what they need help with!)  Set some goals for the game/app donations, and away you go!

Here is our first example from RackerGamer Member and Racker, Richard Hawkins.  Feel free to use this as a template for your approach.  Hey, maybe someone’s first project should be to help us build a tool to track this and have a Kickstarter-like interface for it.  Good luck Gamers… er, Developers!  #ForTheKids

If you’d like to have us showcase your idea/project on the Official Extra-Life Broadcast, and would like to keep in touch along the way, please feel free to contact me at any of  the below.


Dale “IRTermite” Bracey
RackerGamers Leadership

RackerGamers on Facebook

RackerGamers on G+


[email protected]

Dale on Facebook



PS: I plan to get creative on designing a logo for Extra Life:Source as well.  If anyone wishes to submit something too, by all means show me your skill…

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