Extra Life Game Day 2016!

Yes, it is happening!

  • When: Saturday, 5 November 2016 @ 8:00AM through Sunday, 6 November 2016 @ 9:00AM
    • (We get an extra hour this year! Thank you, Daylight Savings Time!)
  • Where: Rackspace “Castle” Event Center & Factory, San Antonio, Texas
  • What: 25-hour Charity Gameathon
  • Who: Rackers, friends, & family
  • Cost: FREE. ($0 EventBrite ticket required.)
    • We ask that every attendee raise at least $25 for CMN Hospitals. Let’s remember this is a charity fundraiser, not your typical LAN party.
    • NOTE: Extra Life pages will be reviewed prior to Game Day, and we may ask attendees still at $0 to check in at a later time to allow fundraisers to have first pick at a spot. (Raise $100 or more, and we’ll let you pick out your spot on Friday if you want!)
  • Food: Bring Your Own.
    • Drinks (water, soda, coffee, and tea) will be available for free. We are also working on having a food truck available for part of the event so you can purchase food easily onsite. There are many local restaurants in the area, including several that are 24 hours.
    • While we are required to pay for a cleaning crew, we remind everyone to be courteous to your fellow gamers and respectful of the event space and clean up after yourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we have answers…

YES, we are having Game Day this year!

Each year, RackerGamers hosts a large Extra Life 24-hour gameathon at the Rackspace Event Center and Factory in San Antonio, Texas. Our hope is that by bringing more gamers together in one place, we enjoy the games more, and in turn energize everyone to increase donations. This isn’t your normal LAN party, either. There is a dedicated space for PC/console play (bring your own set up), and a separate space for tabletop, board, card games, etc. We even have some vintage arcade games. This will be our 8th Annual Extra Life 24-hour Charity Gameathon for Extra Life, and the 4th year holding the gameathon in the Rackspace Event Center and Factory. We expect every attendee raise at least $25 for CMN Hospitals.

What is Extra Life?

Extra Life is a 24-hour gameathon to raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN) (www.extra-life.org). All funds raised go directly to the hospitals participants play for, like our local CMN Hospital, Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, Christus Santa Rosa. You get to choose what CMN Hospital you would like to raise funds for. Since 2008, Extra Lifers have raised more than $20 million dollars for sick kids. And since 2011 (the first year we started keeping track), RackerGamers have raised over $92,000 for sick kids. Our goal this year is to raise $51,200 – will you help us make that happen?

What is this event at the Castle?

Game Day 2016 is a gathering of Rackers, friends, and family coming together to participate in raising money for CMN Hospitals. We provide the space, power, excellent bandwidth, and awesome atmosphere, and you bring your own gaming set up and enthusiasm for Extra Life. If you don’t want to haul all your gear down, we will have a few limited open consoles you can play on, as well as board games you can borrow. Throughout the day we will have tournaments and other special events to help encourage everyone as they strive to complete the 24 hour marathon. It’s a great event, and we want everyone to remember that we are coming together to Play Games and Heal Sick Kids, and ask that everyone who attends make a donation to Extra Life.

How Can I Attend?

While tickets will be free this year, everyone must have an EventBrite ticket to enter. We also expect every attendee raise at least $25 for CMN Hospitals. If you’re interested in joining us on Game Day, your best bet is to join our Extra Life team at: http://extra-life.org/team/rgel2016. Team RackerGamers members will always get first access to tickets. Team members will receive emails with the access code on Sundays.

All tickets are first come, first serve. Please note that every attendee must have a General Admission (GA) ticket – whether hanging out watching their friends, playing card and tabletop games, or playing PC/Console games, they still need a General Admission ticket. Even though tickets are free, we still have to track attendees and be mindful of capacity, especially in the digital (console, pc) gaming area.

Every week leading up to Game Day we will release a batch of tickets with an access code. We will change the access code weekly as we release tickets. Which is why we recommend you join our Extra Life team so you get first notice on tickets! We’ll post the access code on our facebook page Wednesday or Thursday. Access codes are valid until Saturday midnight.

NOTE: Extra Life pages will be reviewed prior to Game Day, and we may ask attendees still at $0 to check in at a later time to allow fundraisers to have first pick at a spot. (Raise $100 or more, and we’ll let you pick out your spot on Friday if you want!)

25 hours? What if I just want to check it out?

If you’re not sure you want to commit to the full 25 hours, we’ll have visitor tickets available for a small donation so you can join us and check things out for a few hours. Just enough time to get in a game of Magic, Halo, check out a new board game, or decide you need to fully commit for next year. (Please remember visitor tickets do not reserve a seat for you. If you want to bring a console or gaming rig, the only way you can guarantee a seat with power is to have a ticket.)

What can I do to help make the event a success?

If you are interested in assisting, there are many ways to help. We will need several people to help setup and teardown the event. Set up happens on Thursday, November 3, and Friday, November 4 during normal business hours. If you are a Racker, you can use your Rackspace volunteer hours for this! Additionally, we have a list of materials we will need to assist with setup (like gaffers tape, extension cords, colored masking tape, and CAT cables) and running Game Day (bottled water, pain relievers, antacids, antibacterial hand gel, snacks, etc.) and are happy to email you a list with our requests as we get closer to Game Day.

We have been working hard to find funding sources to cover required event costs, such as security, housekeeping, electricians, AV, and other expenses, so we can keep the event free. If you would like to help with event costs or know of a company who would like to sponsor a part of the event, please get in touch with Greg Hamberg. Our hope is to raise enough funds to cover the costs so no participants will have to pay for entry.

Finally, let’s remember why we’re coming together – to play games and heal sick kids. We expect every attendee raise at least $25 for CMN Hospitals.

Did you say SWAG? T-Shirts? Dice?

To cover part of the event costs, we will be selling t-shirts very soon. These shirts are the super soft style and feature a great design by our very own Racker and everyone’s favorite Stormtrooper, Chris Berban. If you’d like to preorder a shirt in a specific size, let us know and we’ll get you the PayPal info. More info on the t-shirts soon!

We also have some custom RackerGamers dice we will be offering as well. These are quality dice from Chessex, the leading dice manufacturer in the world. Our limited-edition RackerGamers dice will be Velvet Black w/Red Pips, and will be available in D6 and D10 dice. If you’d like to reserve a set or four now, let us know and we’ll get you the PayPal info!

Since t-shirt and dice sales will go to cover event costs, and not towards donations like past years, it’s extra important everyone give Game Day their all and raise some money!

About RackerGamers

RackerGamers is a group of (mostly) Rackspace employees who enjoy gaming and the gaming community. Sometimes, we play to raise money for good causes. Since 2011, RackerGamers has raised more than $92,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by participating in Extra Life (as Team Rackspace). We’ve seen our Extra Life team grow from 20-30 Rackers, to almost 200. We have the largest Extra Life team in San Antonio, and our goal this year is $51,200. We’d love it if you played a part in reaching that goal! You can find more information at http://rackergamers.org/.
If you’d like to make a donation towards this year’s Extra Life fundraising goal, you can donate to anyone on Team Rackspace at http://extra-life.org/team/rgel2016 (pick a person at $0 and make their day!).

Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer

Please note: This group and event is not sponsored by or affiliated as an Official Rackspace branch. We are simply a group of Rackers, friends, and family that have started a community of people with similar interests in playing games and helping others.

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