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We are excited to be participating in Extra-Life 2014!  Not only will we be participating, we will be HOSTING Extra-Life’s Broadcast Live from Rackspace HQ in San Antonio, TX.  The folks at Extra-Life are heading down from Houston to chill with us once again!  Once again, we will be the host site of Extra-Life.org, and the main broadcast of the event!

2014: While Extra-Life turns 7 this year, we will have been rocking it for 6 of those great years!  Play Games, Heal Kids!

  • EventBrite RSVP will open soon (Mandatory) We are having minor difficulties behind the scenes. Check back for updates.


To sign up and join our team, click “Join” above, fill out the form, select “Join a Team”, and select “Team Rackspace” as your team.

If you have your own team already, but still wish to come, that’s ok too!  Just let us know your team name, so we can do something special with all the names!

Saturday, October 25th 8am to Sunday October 26th 8am
Rackspace Hosting
1 Fanatical Place, San Antonio, TX
The guards will direct you to the correct door.
Rooms Event Center and The Factory (Parking signs will direct)
(See FAQ for rules on non-Rackspace Employee participants.)

DISCLAIMER:  This group is not sponsored by or affiliated as an Official Rackspace branch.  We are simply a group of Rackers and friends that have started a community of people with similar interests in playing games and helping others.

Live Recording from October 20, 2012

Watch the ENTIRE 24+ hour broadcast from our Extra-Life 2012 Event, Hosted at Rackspace Headquarters, San Antonio, TX.  At about hour 16:12, our very own @IRTermite interviews one of the co-founders of Extra-Life.org, Jeremy Adams.  Watch below, for an amazing story.

Watch live video from extralifesa on TwitchTVJoin Us!



What is Extra-Life?
Check out this video and learn more!

How can you join in or donate?
Check out the link images above for more on the Donation/Join Team Page, Facebook Fan Page, and Event Invite.

What makes our event so special?  Why not just sign up and chill at home and play on your own?
Well, first of all, that’s boring!  Imagine gaming with 100+ super friendly Rackers, Friends, and Family; getting into organized bracket tournaments, prizes, and the whole thing being broadcast telethon-style to four major online streaming sites?  Yea, we do that and much MUCH more!  Keep re-visiting the site to look for updates and maybe a link or two with highlight footage of past events. (Coming soon…)  Oh, and did we mention we are now the stream for Extra-Life.org?  That’s right, as of 2013, we are the host location for the Extra-Life.org staff! So much fun!

Do I need a ticket to go? – Yes, all guests will require a ticket. Due to power limits in our Event Space, we have to account for how many people may be using power. For guests planning on playing only ‘analog games’ (read: board, card, tabletop, etc) we have a limit as well, but much higher! For all others who want to simply hang out with their friends and loved ones, have no fear. We are starting the ‘Taters and Tots‘ Access.  Spectators and their children may pay a small $5 donation for entry.

  • People with electronic game consoles and PCs count as a ‘Digital Ticket’.

  • People JUST playing tabletop type games count as an ‘Analog Ticket’.

  • People bringing a system and planning on playing tabletop count as a ‘Digital Ticket.’

  • Non-playing guests welcome for a small donation.

  • Unregistered, day-of arrivals MAY be put on stand-by, but are welcome to play the shared games provided.

“I’m not a Racker, can I still join?” – Rackers, friends, and family are welcome.  We aren’t fully open to the public yet, but there will be a number of non-Rackers permitted.  We plan to be fully public in years to come, as soon as we figure out infrastructure and capacity limits.  We will be in our Public Event Center.  No one will be permitted to enter the main building.

“What do I need to bring?”  Great question!  Whatever gear you need to play the games you want to play.  Whether it be your PC gaming rig, monitor, keyboard, and super mouse; TV and Console, Board Games, Card Games, Dungeon Master Guide, etc; just bring it.  We will be having some other special surprises set up for communal use to take turns on, but your dedicated gear is your responsibility.  We will provide you with the chair/table/power/network. See here

“Live video streaming? Can I jack in to stream my game too?” Of course, that’s the whole idea!  We will have a dedicated area in the rooms for hooking up to the Tri-Caster setup, but these players will have to meet a preset list of hardware requirements in order for this to work.  That list is currently being finalized, as we made some changes to the broadcast gear from last year.  As soon as we finish hardware testing, we will post the list in the “Toolkit” menu link at the top of this site.  Check back here for more details as they are presented.

“Food?”  Not too sure yet.  In the past, we provided food, but gamers still went out and were making runs for other food items. We will have Winner Winner Chicken Dinner food truck on-site!

“What else can you tell me about your version of the Extra-Life Event?”  It’s going to be BA, and you will like it /rant.  Seriously though, keep checking back at this site and the Facebook event page.  We will be constantly making updates and notifications until the day of the event.  Maybe even day-of.

“May I bring a UPS, so I don’t lose power?” Sure, but @IRTermite will make you use it as a foot rest and leave it unplugged. ABSOLUTELY NO UPS are allowed at this event, and they draw constant power, and WILL cause a trip.  And, you don’t want to be THAT guy at your table.  We are very limited on power.

Should you have more urgent questions, that haven’t been answered yet:
Ask us on our Facebook Page
Hit us up on Twitter
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