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Taste the classics with plenty old school flavor

How would you like to own one of two classic Atari’s with a boat load of games?! Local Food Blog, SA Flavor approached us with an incredibly generous offer!

We were handed a pair of classic Atari’s; one classic wood-grain and one all black. Each has its own stack of somewhat matching games. The offer was for us to donate for a change to win the systems and put ALL the money back into Extra Life. That’s right… they just GAVE them to us! Do they work? You better believe we we hooked them up and were taking turns playing them the moment they met our hands!


If you would like to win one of these all you need to do is donate to our Broadcast Production Master, David Bennett’s profile. Donation that goes to that profile from now until we announce a winner live on air will be entered into a randomizer; so make sure your name and whatnot are attached to the donation. Every $5 you donate is a chance to win; there is no maximum to amount donated. So, if you drop $100, that’s 20 chances. Dig? #Math

There will be two chances, so if you miss the first one, don’t worry another will be coming. No, you do not need to be watching or live or in attendance to win, BUT we would love nothing more than for you to be watching our stream the whole time and when it all goes down. It would be super awesome to hand the winner the Atari in person on-air! As always, thank you for supporting us and for supporting Children’s Hospital of San Antonio.

Our feed starts 8am CT on Saturday November 7 and ends 8am CT Sunday November 8.

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