CSS is fun… :)~

Looking for comments on the look and feel.  Please zoom and test in different browsers and let me know what you think.  See more on this below.


So, I’ve been trying to get this stylesheet to set up the floating columns nicely, and work well with everyone’s screen resolutions or Browser zoom.  The third column would often drift off the right and wrap down.  So annoying!  Instead of trying to use clear or any other tricks, I finally decided on using percentages for not only the column width, but the margins and padding.  Now, all three columns properly size together and never drop off in wrap.  Now, I know, “why not use a div within a div?”  Well, I would if the theme was written in a way that would allow that, but each column is input on separate files.  Kind of hard to surround them when they aren’t in the same file.   :/   Anyway, it’s done.


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