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Extra-Life 2103 is loaded!

Greetings! What a turnout!  Board, card, and table top gamers have PLENTY of space available. We are nearing power capacity for the LAN side of things at the @ExtraLife4Kids 2013 @RackerGamers HQ! There is also the dedicated Artemis Starship simulator (3 ships!)   — @IRTermite

Delta Six Gun Game Controller

Check out this very realistic gun game controller!  Would be pretty cool to have a few of these bad boys at Extra-Life 2013, in front of a giant projector screen!

RG Logo Revamp – 2012

We decided to give the RackerGamers logo a big of a face-lift. The idea is to get away from the old, and very console-centric looking logo.  We’d like to develop something that is more universal to all gaming, and recognized as the face of RackerGamers. Version 4 really isn’t a big change, but the little

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Extra Life 2012: Hosted by RackerGamers

Each year, RackerGamers hosts a huge Extra-Life event for fellow Rackers, friends, and family members to participate.  We “Play Games, Heal Kids.” Extra-Life started in 2007, and we hosted our first event in 2008.  Over the years, we have grown the event to a level none of us ever imagined!  So much so, the founder

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