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Delta Six Gun Game Controller

Check out this very realistic gun game controller!  Would be pretty cool to have a few of these bad boys at Extra-Life 2013, in front of a giant projector screen!

DNS Issue Resolved

Gamers and Visitors, We like to apologize about the outage recently.  Our site was unresolvable for a spell due to a misconfig at our registrar.  We have resolved (resolve, DNS, get it?!) the issue and is back online once again.  Keep here for future updates as we start to cover more on community events

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Gamer Gloves?

While shopping around for a new power supply and some other home office needs, my travels took me to OfficeDepot. (That was the home office needs part, not the power supply part.)  I stumbled upon these interesting gloves in the mouse and keyboard wrist pad section. Often I find the edge of my desk and

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RG Logo Revamp – 2012

We decided to give the RackerGamers logo a big of a face-lift. The idea is to get away from the old, and very console-centric looking logo.  We’d like to develop something that is more universal to all gaming, and recognized as the face of RackerGamers. Version 4 really isn’t a big change, but the little

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CSS is fun… :)~

Looking for comments on the look and feel.  Please zoom and test in different browsers and let me know what you think.  See more on this below. Yyyeaaaa, So, I’ve been trying to get this stylesheet to set up the floating columns nicely, and work well with everyone’s screen resolutions or Browser zoom.  The third

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Extra Life 2012: Hosted by RackerGamers

Each year, RackerGamers hosts a huge Extra-Life event for fellow Rackers, friends, and family members to participate.  We “Play Games, Heal Kids.” Extra-Life started in 2007, and we hosted our first event in 2008.  Over the years, we have grown the event to a level none of us ever imagined!  So much so, the founder

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