A New Look for Going Into 2016

That’s right folks. After years of running on a Rackspace Gen1 cloud server, and the semi-custom theme that Rinke and Termite threw together; we finally have a new site! After many long nights, Termite has managed to throw together something much cleaner than before; and quite possibly more useful.

Screenshot from 2015-10-18 22:03:31

Deploying a Rackspace Cloud Stack running a Rackspace Gen2 Ubuntu Server with WordPress was WAY easier than the way we hand deployed the last site. This allowed more time and energy to focus on the look and function of the site, and less on playing SysAdmin.

Along with a new look and feel, you will notice a few other new features that were lacking in the previous site. We really wanted to give the RackerGamers Community better tooling and information to keep us all better connected and informed.

  • News – Still the same old news feed, and we migrated the old posts over. The font is much nicer on the eyes, and the layout is “much more gooder”
  • Community – Here is where the changes really start to get good. We’ve added a Community tab for all the goodies and gaming related sites that we will be using to keep in touch and promote ourselves. Why are the titles a bit generic, you might ask? Well, easy. We know things change over time. The next shiny squirrels into play, and we must keep on our toes to keep you informed. Having these generic page names allows us to forever evolve the content without losing the permalinks. True, there are child-pages within each ‘category’, but the main service will remain.
    • Chat – Centralized the preferred chat method of RackerGamers. Currently, we like the simplicity and integrations of Slack. Plus, it is the new hotness. This is the primary chat service of use.
    • Voice – Things have come a long way since we some of us started gaming. Now, there is free low latency voice chat. We have chosen Discord for our primary voice service, and you will need to request access to join up. A registration page is in the works. Stay tuned.
    • Forums – Yup, forums are still a thing… This one is running right within the WordPress site and very basic in function. Not quite sure the need for it just yet, but we’ll keep it here just for fun.
    • Networks – Let the game network hording begin! XBox Live, PSN, Steam, you name it. If there is a network, we’ll get on it, and we’ll post our group here.
    • Streaming – Who doesn’t like to stream themselves playing games and talking smack? Here you will find the RackerGamers Official streaming profiles.
    • Projects – (Coming) We like to make stuff. So, this is where we make stuff.
    • Partners – (Coming) Sponsors, Benefactors, Friends, and more.
    • Toolkit – Install links, what to bring lists, tips, etc.
  • Events – Typically, we really only host the annual Extra Life event, but more is in the works. There have been a handful of Friday Magic Games. We did hosted an International Table Top Day once. Hopefully more.
  • About – This is where we bashfully boast about ourselves and tell everyone how they can get a hold of us…

For the most part, this is just another site to visit; nothing special. But, it is our little piece of the intarwebbernets, and we’ll love it as our own. Hope you find it helpful, and please don’t forget to donate to our effort to fund Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Choose any teammate to donate to. Thank you!

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